Faith Lutheran celebrates capital campaign success

Community Editor

In early 2017, leadership at Faith Lutheran identified three key needs critical to the long term health of the church. Audio visual upgrades will allow church leaders to provide meaningful and relevant worship opportunities for all, a mortgage buy down will free up money for ministry, and an operating reserve will prepare for contingencies. To model good stewardship, church leaders are committed to tithing 10 percent of money raised from the capital campaign to provide mission grants for the community.

In three months, the church body has raised $106,000 and is 42 percent of the way to the goal of $250,800. $96,000 will fund sanctuary audio visual upgrades, and a tithe of $9,600 will assist in funding a mission grant program.

Currently, the focus is on the mortgage buy down goal of $100,000 and an additional tithe of $10,000.

With a 2016 gift from Dorothy Clingman, the church leaders were able to reduce the mortgage principal balance and lower the monthly mortgage payment. Those savings allowed for ministry expansion to the community and the addition of staff, including a visitation pastor.

There is another opportunity to re-amortize the loan and decrease the monthly mortgage payment. A $100,000 principal reduction will allow for the expansion of outreach and small group ministries by redirecting $800 monthly from mortgage payments to expanding outreach and small group ministries. This will provide for $82,000 in interest over the remaining life of the loan. The plan is to reach the total fundraising goal by April 2018.