Revised for Publication

The following unapproved minutes have been revised for publication and will be approved at the next Regular School Board Meeting. The full text is posted on the district web site, available by standard or email, and for public inspection at the school district offices during normal business hours. The regular mtg of the School Board of ISD No. 831, Forest Lk., MN, was called to order by Rob Rapheal at 7:00 p.m. on 6-1-17, at the School District Offices. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll was called and the following members were present: Julie Corcoran, Karen Morehead, Jill Olson, Jeff Peterson, Robert Rapheal and Supt. Linda Madsen, ex officio. Members Luke Odegaard and Gail Theisen were absent.

The mtg agenda was revwd and agenda item 9.7 Appv Principal/Asst Principal Placements for 2017-18 and 2018-19 was removed and will be added to the June 15 agenda. Mmbr Morehead moved, 2nd by Mmbr Peterson to appv the revised agenda. All mmbrs present voted aye and the motion carried.

Unscheduled Visitors:

Listening Session Mmbr Olson rptd two visitors.

Student Achievement:

Comm Ed Director C. McKinnon gave an overview of programs and update of Comm Ed purpose and values.

FLHS Industrial Tech tchr and Supermileage Advisor K. Nichols presented the Supermileage team. This yr the team won the Modified Engine Class with 497 mpg.

Positive Happenings: Schl Bd Mmbrs rptd on sch prog and events attended the past month.


Communications & 916 No rpts due to Mmbr Theisens absence.

Equity Alliance MN Mmbr Morehead thanked Dr. Lubke for attending Dr. Madsens retirement party. Morehead rptd they recvd Rosevilles equity presentation, appvd the business plan and will be electing bd officers next month.

Policy Mmbr Olson rptd discussion of Wellness Policy, Meal Charging Policy and Outdated Cell Phone Use Policy.

Staff Welfare & Finance No rpts due to Mmbr Odegaards absence.

City of FL Mmbr Rapheal rptd an agreement was reached to keep the FLPD.

Bldgs & Grounds Mmbr Peterson rptd they recvd construction rpt, discussed facilities use issues due to summer construction and recvd a legislative update.

QComp Annual Report B. Haven gave highlights and recommendations in the areas of Tchr Leaders, Prof Development, Tchr Evals and Performance Pay.

Reshaping Opps for Success 2015-2020 Bus Dir Martini had project photos, and the DO parking lot repaving will begin in the coming weeks.

Superintendents Report – Dr. Madsen gave a Strategic Planning update from the Resource, Identity and Mktg groups. She revwd the Lake Fest events, Academic Awards/HOF induction is Monday, Tuesday is HOF reception at Forest Hills and Friday is graduation. Upcoming bldg tours can be found on the district website.

Consent agenda: Mmbr Morehead moved to appv agenda items 7.1-7.5. Mmbr Peterson 2nd the motion and all mmbrs voted aye. The motion carried.

Appvd the minutes of May 4 and 18, 2017

Appvd the bills as of June 1 totaling $5,652,232.43 broken into the following funds: Genl Fund $304,786.69; Food $98,819.66; Transp: $45,597.77; Comm. Services $7,311.68; Maroon Gold Spt Ctr $7,158.76; Grants SDE $1,075.52; Capital $222,564.92; Internal Dental Ins $34,773.74; Internal Health Ins $914,949.03; Bldg Fund $3,992,935.31; Non Public Schools $4.80; Pop Fund $4,267.63; Federal Prog. $9,031.73; Special Ed $8,955.19.

Appvd Classified Personnel: Resign 4; Recommend Employ 4; Auth of Transfer-1; LOA 3; Reduction of Positions – 3

Appvd Licensed Personnel: Non-Curricular Assign 2; Employ 1; Retire/Resign-2; Auth of Addl Positions 1

Designate S. Massey as the MDE Identified Official With Authority beginning 7/1/2017

Donations: Mmbr Olson moved, 2nd by Mmbr Corcoran to adopt the resolution accepting the following: $300.00 from YourCause, Boston Scientific, TX, to Wyom Elem for gen ed; tape, Post-its, misc. 3M products from Boesel Family, Scandia, to FLHS for Tchr Appreciation Week valued at $400.00; 75 chocolate and 50 1% milk from Dean Foods North Central, LLC, Land OLakes, St. Paul to SW Jr. High for Sr. All Night Party valued at $17.21; $574.30 from Box Tops for Educ, MI, to Wyom Elem for gen ed; $24.96 from YourCause, TX, to Wyom Elem for gen ed; $100.00 from Anonymous to Forest View Elem to pay off students lunch accts; $30.00 from A. Sederholm, FL, $99.00 from D. Peterson and $30.00 from K. Harrell to Wyom Elem for gen ed; $5,000.00 from Polaris, Wyom, to FLHS for engineering software and industrial tech equip; $900.00 from Royal Credit Union, Eau Claire, WI, to FLHS EMS program for supplies; set of Chromebooks for 6th grade classroom from Scandia PTO to Scandia Elem valued at $4,600.00. All mmbrs voted aye and the motion carried.

Old Business:

Mmbr Peterson moved, 2nd by Mmbr Olson, to Appv Discipline Policy 515. By roll call vote all mmbrs voted aye. The motion carried.

Mmbr Olson moved to Appv Student Transportation Safety Policy 531. The motion was 2nd by Mmbr Peterson, by roll call vote all mmbrs voted aye. The motion carried.

Mmbr Morehead moved to Appv Schl Bus Leasing. The motion was 2nd by Mmbr Peterson, by roll call vote all mmbrs voted aye. The motion carried.

Dr. Madsen gave a levy/bond update. The survey and timeline are being worked on and as more info becomes available it will be brought before the bd for revw and decision.

Mmbr Corcoran moved to Adopt Resolution for the Non-Renewal of Probationary Tchr(s). The motion was 2nd by Mmbr Peterson, by roll call vote all mmbrs present voted aye. The motion carried.

Mmbr Morehead moved to Ratify 2016-2018 FL Tech Specialists Assoc Employ Agreement. The motion was 2nd by Mmbr Peterson, by roll call vote all mmbrs present voted aye. The motion carried.

New Business:

First Rdgs: Long Term Facilities Maintenance Revenue Plan Approval, Recommendation to Appv 2017-18 Budget, Consider Discontinuance of: Student Cell Phone Use Policy 510, Wellness Policy 546, New Policy: Meal Charging Policy 506. These items will be placed on the next reg agenda for further revw and Bd action.

FLHS Asst Principal J. Sawyer explained Ranger Hr is a 60-minute block over lunch where all students have access to tchrs for extra help, study time, etc. He defined the purpose, structure, trial dates and proposed schedule for the 2017-18 schl yr.

Communications: The Schl Bd revwd communications and upcoming calendar dates.

As there was no further business, Mmbr Morehead moved, 2nd by Mmbr Corcoran to adjourn. All mmbrs voted aye & the mtg adjourned at 8:47 pm.

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June 15, 2017


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