EMS students impress Congressman Emmer

Community Editor

The Forest Lake Area High School Emergency Medical Technician program received a special visit from U.S. Congressman Tom Emmer on May 11.

Emmer, who represents Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, stopped by the high school to tour the building, see the updates being made through the Reshaping Opportunities For Success project and observe the EMT students in action during a skills day assessment.

The EMT program has thrived for the past five years at the high school, and it showed on Feb. 25 when the students headed to the 31st Annual Minnesota State Youth EMS Competition at Spring Lake Park High School.

During competition, all teams had to compete in three scenarios including HAZMAT complications, a pool and water rescue, and a fire scene where a victim fell from a few stories up. Each scenario had the teams go through the proper protocol, assessments, and techniques needed to help save the victim. Overall scores were based on the accuracy and completion of each scenario along with a written test. FLAHS took two teams and placed second and third.

Showing off different skill sets such as CPR, stabilizing a patient’s neck, and properly placing a patient on a backboard, Emmer was able to witness the EMT students in action and ask many questions about the class, the ride-a-longs they partake in with North Memorial Ambulance, and what they plan to do after high school.

Emmer said he was impressed that the students were able to get some college credits earned before graduating and commended the students for their focus, drive, and willingness to help others.

So far, 12 students in the program have passed the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician’s test with others signed up to take it as soon as they are eligible.