Open Forum for June 22, 2017

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Great job, buoys

I had the pleasure of boating on Forest Lake last week, as I do often, and wish to thank the Forest Lake Lake Association and Washington County for placing the buoys near the hazard areas, as has been done for a number of years. They really help boaters to stay in areas of safe depths, especially those not familiar with the lake. I’m glad to have the obstruction buoy added for the rock pile near the west entrance to the first lake-second lake channel.

As a Coast Guard veteran, I was pleased to see the red and green buoys finally placed on the correct sides in accordance with the standard Red Right Returning (to port) standard. In this case, the logical “port” is downtown Forest Lake.

For those with limited boating experience and used to the previous red-green convention, it may take a little getting used to, but now having conformance with the international standard is welcome, and I hope it continues.

The city administration is considering dredging the areas adjacent to the Lakeside Memorial Park ramp docks and the center park dock. The present depths are hazardous for mid-to-large sized boats and inboards that don’t have the ability to raise their props. Increasing the depths by a foot or two will greatly increase the docks’ utility. I strongly encourage support for this improvement by the City Council, the Lake Association, the DNR, and Washington County. It’s a modest investment and will help make the lake more welcoming to all.

John Freed