Students recognized for promoting positive classroom culture

Community Editor

Forest Lake Area High School’s student council recognized students for their hard work and dedication to promoting positive environments in their classes during third quarter.

In the student council’s quest for recognizing those students who have showcased the positive things going on in the department and have helped create a culture where being kind and doing well in the classroom is a great thing, the academic department teachers chose one sophomore, junior, and senior who have demonstrated these concepts to receive a certificate and recognition.
Each teacher wrote a letter with a reason as to why that student should be selected and then mailed that letter to the student who would receive the recognition. Reasons for choosing a particular student included “this student was phenomenal with their writing skills and thinking outside the box,” to “this student was extremely helpful this quarter with a student who did not understand the material.”

At the culmination of the third quarter, the student council held a small presentation and handed out certificates recognizing the various students. Everyone enjoyed a breakfast provided by Big Apple Bagels.

The third quarter’s recipients and academic departments they represent are agriculture – sophomore Kaytlin Wojciechowski, junior Lindsey Lautigar, senior Raeanne; art – sophomore Lilly Bartholmy, junior Patrick Thao, senior Olyumpia Her; business educaiton – junior Chase Carlson, senior Kaylee Munt; family and consumer sciences – sophomore Hannah McMahon, junior Eli Dodge, senior Janna Olson; health – sophomore Regan Duffy; industrial technology – sophomore Dylan Hartmann, junior Benjamin Niemczyk, senior Matthew Becker; language arts – sophomore Chanel Underwood, junior Hannah Curtis, senior Kellie McCord; mathematics – sophomore Abby Janssen, junior Ethan Tomas, senior Luke Palo; music – sophomore Jacob Murphy, junior Karley Manning, senior Dante Anderson; physical education – sophomore Charles Babcock, junior Zachary Raabe, senior Butch Harris; Science – sophomore Christopher Johns, junior Noelle Gorka, senior Paige Ewert; social studies – sophomore Kevin Buck, junior Swati Clements, senior Grace LaNasa; and world language – sophomore Maren Thompson, junior Mason Miers, senior Brenna Olson.