Man charged with stalking, sex crime

A Forest Lake man was charged with a variety of crimes after he allegedly sexually assaulted a former neighbor and secretly filmed her in various stages of undress in 2015. The alleged crimes were first discovered this spring.

According to court records, Alan Douglas Running, 69, of Forest Lake, has been charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct, stalking and second-degree burglary. Police first started investigating him in March of this year after an acquaintance of Running’s contacted law enforcement anonymously to report that Running had shown him video and pictures of a woman that Running took without her knowledge.

The woman formerly was a neighbor of Running; The Times has withheld the area of the city in which these incidents occurred to protect the woman’s identity.

The anonymous tipster allegedly told police that Running was very angry at the woman because of previous interactions; he reportedly expressed that he wanted to kill the woman and threatened to kill his acquaintance if he ever reported the video and pictures to anyone.

Upon further investigation, police learned that Running and the woman used to be on friendly terms until the woman began to suspect that Running was stalking her, which led her to file a restraining order against him. At one point, she allegedly caught him trying to break into her home when she wasn’t there, and she believed he had stolen her underwear.

Working with the tipster and using search warrants on Running, police allegedly obtained a variety of documents Running had kept on the woman – including a list of personal and login information and details on her clothing size – as well as several videos taken of the woman in various stages of undress, many taken by a camera Running reportedly placed in the woman’s bathroom. Referencing the videos and a diary Running kept about the woman, police learned that Running began filming the woman while the two were still on friendly terms. In one video, Running allegedly filmed himself committing manual sexual assault on the woman while she was asleep, and the diary references at least one other attempted sexual assault, as well as Running being in the woman’s home while she was not there.

Sexual conduct

Kenneth Conrad Sanz, 54, of Forest Lake, was charged with fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct and misdemeanor domestic assault after allegedly trying to have sex with a female relative earlier this month.

According to court records, the assault occurred at a home in Lake Elmo. The victim told local law enforcement that Sanz came to her apartment and began touching her in private areas, asking her to “get snuggly” as she tried to push him away. He allegedly told her he wanted to have sex with her, and she left her apartment to call for help.

Strange burglary

A Forest Lake man was in for a surprise when he went upstairs from his home’s basement to discover a 19-year-old man passed out on his floor.

The man, Andrew Daniel Wetterling, of no permanent address, has been charged in Washington County Court with third-degree burglary in connection with the case.

The incident occurred in the 10 p.m. hour on June 15. According to court records, a resident at the home went upstairs after hearing a noise and found Wetterling unconscious in his living room. Roused by police, Wetterling allegedly was intoxicated and admitted to not remembering entering the residence. He was also bleeding on one foot, which was missing a shoe and sock.

A thorough examination of the home revealed that Wetterling had entered the home’s garage before coming into the residence itself. Police believed Wetterling had gone through cabinets in the garage; his shoe, sock and blood droplets were also found there.