Wyoming gets updates on water tower, roads

Amy Doeun
Wyoming Reporter

The city of Wyoming Water Tower is about 90 percent completed.

“There was some discussion on long-term savings in not painting that (the pedestal),” City Engineer Mark Erichson told the Wyoming City Council during its June 6 meeting. “The cement will be sealed for long-term wear.”

Marty Powers of Public Works gave an update on gravel roads in the area.

“Some of our gravel roads are in need of gravel,” he said. “To do this, (we) would probably (need) one more year of adding gravel to kind of have the roads where they need to be. We would need 1,009 tons – the amount of gravel needed to make improvements. That would be 4 inches for the first half of Kettle River Blvd (north section), that is recommended. It will compact down to 3 inches. The second half could probably use some in three years, two years.”

The council asked about using calcium chloride on gravel roads.

“There are some cities that don’t do it,” Erichson said.

Powers added, “(Calcium chloride) does eat away at your vehicles faster than most people know.”

The board approved the purchase of $12,000 worth of gravel from Dressel Contracting.

Erichson then updated the board on the bid results for the city’s Goodview Avenue project.

“The bid results were phenomenal,” he said. “Their (the contractors’) eagerness and questions trying to pinpoint where they might be able to make savings showed. … There is really not a lot of work out there; a lot of companies are really trying to keep staff busy versus make money.”

The low bid was from Forest Lake Contracting for approximately $1.91 million.

“They have a good reputation in the industry,” Erichson said.

This low bid is expected to result in assessments of around $1,000 per unit along the improved roadway. Property owners will receive a letter shortly about the upcoming project.

“The contractors are pretty anxious to get moving and start work,” Erichson said.