Linwood Town Board approves audit

Amy Doeun
Linwood Reporter

The Linwood Town Board approved its annual audit by Smith and Schaffer at the township’s June 27 meeting. Town Clerk Pam Olson said that the audit is done annually and gives a solid view of expenditures. She explained that her work is mostly limited to cash payments but that the audit gives a full view or expenses.

“We plan our budgets about two years in advance, so in spring 2017 we are budgeting for 2018,” she said. “The people approved the levy, but the board sets the budget.”

The 2016 audit came back with some overages. The total budgeted was $361,400. The amount spent was $422,959, resulting in an overage of $61,559.

Olson explained that the overages were due to the building renovation.

“In January of 2015, when we were planning the 2016 budget, the building renovation was not even on the horizon,” she said. “It was an unexpected expense.”

The audit is done annually. Smith, Schaffer and Associates has done it for the past two years. Once the board approves the audit, Olson turns it in to the state.

Also at the meeting, Nicholas Willcocks, a local Eagle Scout, announced that he had finished his Eagle Scout project, a new town sign in Broadbent Park. The board congratulated him for his efforts.