Open Forum for July 20, 2017

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Good preparation

I would like to express my appreciation to the Forest Lake Area School District and more specifically Forest Lake High School. Upon graduating from FLHS in 2016, I moved south to attend the University of Kentucky to study human nutrition and pre-medicine. I’d been told to be prepared for college, as it would be a shock to my system, but I was pleasantly surprised with my first year. Not only was I prepared for college rigor courses, but I excelled. Thanks to the dedicated teachers at FLHS, I had the opportunity to take advanced placement and college in the schools classes. Taking these classes gave me a head start in college and taught me how to properly study and prepare for exams. I was more prepared for general chemistry than any colleague, whether they attended a private or public school across the country. Furthermore, I was pleased to enter my freshman year as a sophomore, thanks to the college credits earned at FLHS. This will allow me to do research or study abroad and perhaps even graduate early. All in all, I would like to remind the younger generation to take advantage of every opportunity given at FLHS, because we truly are blessed with an outstanding school district and education system.

Maddie Romines

Forest Lake