Asphalt plant consideration will continue

The Columbus City Council decided to table until a later meeting discussion of a preliminary plat application for an asphalt plant in the city after the applicant, Bituminous Roadways, requested time to amend text in the application regarding the plant, outdoor storage, and a sewer hookup.

Despite the tabling, several people in the audience still wanted to weigh in on the plant, including Running Aces. Representation from the casino and racetrack presented a petition from people who didn’t want the plant in the area, adding the organization’s position that the dust and noise from the plant, which is roughly two miles from Running Aces, would adversely affect the well-being of the racetrack’s horses.

Others present at the meeting also spoke against the plant. At one point, Mayor Dave Povolny told the audience that he wanted to make his decision based on the facts at hand. Some in the audience responded that they wanted him to put the will of the people first.

A full account of the meeting will be posted online soon and in the next issue of The Forest Lake Times. Learn more about the plant and its proposed location in Columbus’s “Triangle” property, here.