Open Forum for Aug. 3, 2017

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Good memories

Great job on the Simmons family article. The article brought back good memories of the Simmons, the Boehms, the Vogels and many others, the grocery stores, the bakery, Skateland, Wagners Hamburger shop, our “working” theater, and all of the businesses that made Forest Lake what it was – even when I was little.

In the mid-50s, I remember shopping (tagging along with my mom) at the grocery store owned by the Simmons. I even remember trying to help load a glass gallon of milk that never made it into the shopping cart. Instead, it made a broken mess on the store’s hardwood floor, and old Mr. Nickelson, laughing with a big smile, cleaned it up.

Simmons Point was special to me too. It was well known, and was more of preserve in those days — no houses, just a trail from the “highway” to get to the point. I remember my Mom and Dad telling about attending high school parties on the point, with camp fires and fun. I also fondly remember my dad, Grandpa Hursh and I in our swim suits, wading in the water around the point as we fly-fished on a calm, Forest Lake summer evening.

Meaningful memories of life! I also knew Ron and Linda — Ron is four years younger than me, and Linda is three years older than me — all the Simmons were very nice people.

Yes, Cliff. Your article included many real things that once made Forest Lake good. Thanks!

Steve Hursh
Forest Lake

Thanks, Congressman

Hats off to our Minnesota 8th District Congressman Rick Nolan for his work on healthcare! The national healthcare debate is taking up a lot of time, energy and resources in Washington, D.C. The Republican proposals in both the House and Senate would have devastating effects to people in the 8th Congressional District. Their proposed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid would make it impossible for our rural hospitals and nursing homes to function. So many rural hospital patients and nursing home residents are elderly or low income and on Medicare and Medicaid that these facilities may well go out of business. Then, where would people go for care?

Congressman Nolan has stated that the Republican-led House has voted tens of times to abolish the Affordable Care Act, but not once has an amendment been accepted to fix the problems with it. He recognizes problems like people in the individual market with unsustainable insurance costs. There are fixes for this, and they could put the individual market into a common pool. That’s what he says: let’s fix the problems with the ACA and keep this good insurance for Americans vs. proposals like Sen. Tim Cruz’s, which would allow people to buy plans with less coverage that might not cover your condition when you need it.

This issue is too important for our nation to be decided behind closed doors with no public input. Thank you to Congressman Nolan for working to fix the ACA and keeping millions of people on health insurance.

Thomas Olson