School board to ask voters for levy increase and facilities bond

Community Editor

After gauging community survey results that saw 500 taxpayers (chosen at random) answering a series of questions via phone survey regarding if they would support a tax increase to pay for additional school operating expenses and/or a bond for arts and athletics facilities improvements, the Forest Lake Area School board chose by unanimous vote to pursue an operating levy increase of $750 per pupil unit for a period of eight years and a facilities bond in the amount of $9 million for 20 years. Neither issue is contingent upon the other passing which means each can pass or fail separately.

The operating levy increase will cost taxpayers $9.47 per month per $100,000 of home value for the eight year period. The facilities bond will provide for a tax increase of $0.92 per $250,000 of home value per month over the 20-year period. The option for both will come to taxpayers in November. An expanded story will run in an upcoming issue of the Forest Lake Times.