Early start date fast approaching at FLAS

Community Editor

Forest Lake Area Schools students will see their summertime fun cut slightly short this year due to ongoing construction projects at several of the buildings throughout the district. Students will begin classes before Labor Day on Aug. 21 and end the upcoming school year early on May 23. This change only affects the current school year. The 2018-19 calendar sees students starting classes Sept. 4 and ending June 6.

“It will be a fun year, trying to work around construction and make sure teachers have what they need,” Lino Lakes Elementary Principal Scott Geary said. “The staff has been great, though, and they are ready to put up with it for one more year because they know the reward will be worth it.”

Linwood Principal Joe Mueller said that although teachers are excited to be back in the buildings, there does seem to be a slight sense of urgency due to the early start date.

“The staff returns full force on Aug. 1, but I already have teachers in classrooms on their own time just getting things ready and making sure everything is ready for the kids,” he said when interviewed in July.

Mueller will officially be a principal for the first time this year, as he has previously served as an English teacher, curriculum coordinator, and assistant principal in the district.

“At this point, it is all still theoretical to me,” he said. “I am excited to get things underway and see how things function with kids in the building.”

Wyoming Elementary Principal Curt Slater said that he is very excited to see the staff return and is looking forward to some great things planned for the school year.

“I am excited for my Wildcats to come home,” he said. “I can’t wait to hear about what kind of summer the kids had and I am excited to get back to challenging them academically. One major goal we have this year is to really focus on literacy and push an ‘I love to read’ message.”

J.P. Jacobson will take on principal duties for both Century and Southwest Junior High School buildings for the 2017-18 school year. He said that teachers are already coming into his buildings and the excitement is growing.

“Amidst all the construction, I am looking forward to the sounds of students,” he said. “It is always fun to talk with the kids daily and see them in the hallways. We are hosting a kickoff welcome-back event, and although some of the kids may be bummed about the early start, it is important to remember that we also end of the year will happen sooner.”