Hidden heroes seek pen pal partners

Community Editor

Hidden Heroes is a mystery match pen pal program sponsored by the Lakes Center for Youth and Families that connects youth to caring adults in the community. The adults write letters (i.e. a poem, inspirational quote, motivating story, etc.) to youth throughout the school year. The mystery part is that the youth do not know who is writing to them until the end of the school year, when they will meet their match at a reveal party. The reveal party is a pizza party hosted at the LC4YF where youth and adult pen pal matches finally get to meet each other, play games, and have fun getting acquainted face to face.

Registration is currently open. To sign up for the Hidden Heroes program or for more information, visit www.lc4yf.org, or contact Jenna Jones with LC4YF at 651-464-3685 or [email protected]