Revised for Publication

August 3, 2017

The following unapproved minutes have been revised for publication and will be approved at the next Regular School Board Meeting. The full text is posted on the district web site, available by standard or email, and for public inspection at the school district offices during normal business hours. The regular mtg of the School Board of ISD No. 831, Forest Lk., MN, was called to order by Rob Rapheal at 7:00 pm on 8-3-17, at the School District Offices. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll was called and the following members were present: Julie Corcoran, Karen Morehead, Luke Odegaard, Jill Olson, Jeff Peterson, Robert Rapheal, Gail Theisen and Supt. Steve Massey, ex officio.

The mtg agenda was revwd and no changes were made.

Unscheduled Visitors:

Mmbr Corcoran rptd one attendee at the Listening Session and they discussed district positive happenings.

Student Achievement:

Jr. High Principal JP Jacobson along with K. McDonald and A. Gibson presented the Educational Model design for the 7/8 bldg.

Positive Happenings: Schl Bd Mmbrs rptd on sch prog and events attended the past month.


916 Mmbr Theisen rptd touring Pankalo Education Center, revwd supt eval and appvd the new contract, revwd mmbrship options, enrollment at Level 4 programs closed to non-mmbrs, appvd the organizational chart and recognized retirements.

Equity Alliance MN Mmbr Morehead rptd they continue to look for mmbrs and more staff development opps.

City of FL Mmbr Morehead rptd much residential and business growth. FL City Council Mmbr Husnik was in the audience and said budgeting workshops are starting, a study with the FLPD is starting, and they are looking for community input on the citys comprehensive plan.

Reshaping Opps for Success 2015-2020 Bus Dir Martini gave project updates and shared investment proceeds info.

Superintendents Report – Dr. Massey rptd things are going well in his new position. He recognized the passing of Dawn Soltis and sent condolences to her family & friends. Tchrs return to work Aug 14 and the first day of schl is Aug 21. Dr. Massey thanked all those involved with the district construction projects.

Mmbr Morehead made a motion to appv agenda items 7.1-7.5. Mmbr Peterson 2nd the motion and all mmbrs voted aye. The motion carried.

Appvd the minutes of June 22 & July 13, 2017

Appvd the bills as of Aug 3 totaling $13,439,796.04 broken into the following funds: Gen Fund $725,722.79; Food $15,387.32; Transp: $444,920.05; Comm. Services $46,868.02; Maroon Gold Spt Ctr $4,466.92; Grants-SDE $1,161.61; Capital $249,093.87; Internal Health Ins $4,428.00; Internal HRA Rollover $141.00; Bldg Fund $11,915,063.67; Non Public Schools $5,696.17; Pop Fund $572.95; Federal Prog. $7,969.79; Special Ed $18,303.88.

Appvd Classified Personnel: Transfer 1; End of Employ 1; LOA 1; New Position 2; Recommend Employ 5; Resign – 9

Appvd Licensed Personnel: Unpaid LOA 1; Employ 12; Retire/Resign 3; Change in FTE 1; Auth of Addl Positions 3

Appvd Student Training Agreement with St. Cloud State University

Principal Jacobson introduced J. Miller, the new Jr. High AP. Miller thanked the bd for this oppy.

Donations: Mmbr Odegaard moved, 2nd by Mmbr Theisen to adopt the resolution accepting the following: conference mtg space valued at $800.00 from Ziegler CAT, Columbus, to district administrators; $2869.96 from FL Softball Booster Club, to FLHS softball for pmt of an asst coach; $5,000.00 from Spring Lake Park Lions Club to ISD 831 for negative schl lunch accts; prevention materials from Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation through funding from the Fred C. and Katherine B. Anderson foundation to FLAS in support of district prevention work valued at $3,000.00; $50.00 from B. Zaruba, Chisago City,and $300.00 from First Resource Bank, Lino Lakes to FLAS to purchase schl supplies for Back-to-School event Aug 9; $500.00 from FL Lions Club to FLAS Family Support to purchase schl supplies. All mmbrs voted aye and the motion carried.

Old Business:

B. Morris of Morris Leatherman Co. presented the results of a July 2017 community survey relating to a levy/bond election. The bd mmbrs then discussed.

Bd Chair Rapheal called for a recess at 9:15 pm. The mtg resumed at 9:28 pm and all mmbrs were present.

Mmbr Peterson made a motion to adopt the resolution as written which is an addl $750 of levy for a period of 8 yrs and a $9 million bond with neither question contingent on the other. The motion was 2nd by Mmbr Theisen, by roll call vote all mmbrs present voted aye. The motion carried.

Mmbr Theisen moved, 2nd by Mmbr Peterson, to Appv Resolution Establishing Precincts, Designating Polling Places and Designating Hours for Voting for Schl District Elections Not Held on the Day of a Statewide, County, or Municipal Election. By roll call vote all mmbrs vote aye and the motion carried.

Mmbr Theisen moved to Appv Revw and Comment Submission to the MDE. The motion was 2nd by Mmbr Peterson, by roll call all mmbrs voted aye. The motion carried

Mmbr Peterson moved to Appv Schl Bd Mmbr Liaisons to Schls for 2017-2018. The motion was 2nd by Mmbr Olson, all mmbrs present voted aye. The motion carried.

Mmbr Peterson moved to Appv Community Use of School Facilities Policy 701. The motion was 2nd by Mmbr Morehead, by roll call vote all mmbrs voted aye. The motion carried.

New Business:

First Reading: Appv Tax Levy Calendar. This item will be placed on the next reg agenda for bd action.

Communications: The Schl Bd revwd communications and upcoming calendar dates.

Mmbr Morehead asked that bd mmbrs be put on the agenda to rpt on conferences they attend. Bd Chair Rapheal said that bd mmbrs wanting to give a brief rpt should contact the Supt office to be added to the agenda.

As there was no further business, Mmbr Theisen moved, 2nd by Mmbr Peterson to adjourn. All mmbrs voted aye & the mtg adjourned at 9:51 pm.

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August 17, 2017


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