Cheung Sing building soon to be no more; Future looks bright for property

Community Editor

Mick Roberts and Steve Saunders, owners of the property at 1098 West Broadway Ave. that was most recently home to the Cheung Sing Chinese restaurant, oversaw the destruction of the building on that property on the morning of Aug. 24.

The building in question was the home of a Country Kitchen restaurant that opened in 1975. That business lasted 10 years and Cheung Sing moved in in 1985. That restaurant closed last year. Currently there are two separate plats on that property. The plat next to the one with the building has a flat concrete slab that will be removed. Roberts and Saunders have plans to combine the two plats to make one large plat.

The building tear-down is being done in a very specific way in that many of the pieces are being separated. The contractor plans to recycle all the metal and the concrete will go to Dresel Trucking in Forest Lake at 21490 Forest Blvd. N. Saunders said that Dresel is currently experiencing a massive shortage of recycled concrete and are happy for the fresh supply. Some large trees on the property will also be removed.

Regarding what might move into that space, Saunders said the possibilities are endless. As reported in an earlier article in the Times (, some possibilities for the planned multi-tenant building include Dunkin’ Donuts, Panera Bread, or Chipotle.

“This is a prime location and we have had a very large amount of interest,” he said. “We have contracts coming in and we are looking over them all to determine what will best serve the Forest Lake community. Whatever ends up here is going to be great.”