Dance Tech celebrates stellar year; Studio also announces Masquers collaboration

Community Editor

Dance Tech finished up its season with some big opportunities for some of their dancers. Six of Dance Tech’s competitive dancers finished their season by attending NRG Dance Project’s Nationals in Washington D.C. over the 4th of July, nearly all of them attending the convention and workshop on scholarships they had won earlier in the dance season. In mid-July, two of Dance Tech’s Elite dancers, Brianna Bellanger and Emilee Olson, flew to New York City and attended the summer program at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Both girls were awarded a scholarship for this two-week program at a dance competition earlier in the season. AMDA is recognized throughout the industry for its history and tradition of launching some of the world’s most successful careers in theatre, dance, film and television.

Dance Tech Studio’s owner, Robin Lind, said that even though it didn’t attend nationals as a studio this year, Dance Tech still had the best dance season since she opened in 1995, finishing the season with more platinum awards than previous years, as well as over 200 high point awards, the sportsmanship award at nearly every competition, and nearly $20,000 in cash prizes and scholarships.

“I feel so incredibly blessed to have such hard working students, amazing parents, and an incredible staff that truly loves the kids and loves what they do,” Lind said in a press release. “We are like one big family all supporting one another, whether it’s your first year or your 10th year. We truly have something rare and special at DTS, and we are told that again and again by new families that come to our studio.”

Lind loves to give her dancers opportunities that other studios aren’t able to provide, and one of those opportunities provided to all of the students that dance at Dance Tech Studios is an opportunity to automatically be in the cast of the Masquers Theatre production of “The Happy Elf.” No auditions will be required for DTS students, as they will immediately be placed in the cast. The dancers of DTS will make up much of the chorus and dancer roles.

“I am extremely excited to be collaborating with Masquers Theatre and feel this is such an amazing opportunity for the dancers to be able to experience something most have never had they chance to,” Lind said. “It’s going to be amazing. The show is absolutely hilarious and full of fun music from beginning to the end.”

Learn about becoming a part of the cast of “The Happy Elf” or find out more about Dance Tech Studios by visiting