Revised for Publication

The following unapproved minutes have been revised for publication and will be approved at the next Regular School Board Meeting. The full text is posted on the district web site, available by standard or email, and for public inspection at the school district offices during normal business hours. The regular mtg of the School Board of ISD No. 831, Forest Lk., MN, was called to order by Rob Rapheal at 7:00 pm on 9-7-17, at the School District Offices. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll was called and the following members were present: Julie Corcoran, Karen Morehead, Jill Olson, Jeff Peterson, Robert Rapheal, and Supt. Steve Massey, ex officio. Mmbrs Odegaard and Theisen were absent.

The mtg agenda was revwd and no changes were made.

Unscheduled Visitors:

Mmbr Olson rptd five attendees at the Listening Session.

Vote Yes Chairperson Kate Luthner introduced herself to the Schl Bd.

Student Achievement:

FL Elem Principal Newby rptd on Reteach and Enrich Target Time & FLE video newsletters.

Assessment & Eval Coordinator Dr. Komatsu rptd on the spring MCA results, Teaching & Learning Dir Giorgi rptd on the interactive teaching strategy being developed and implemented.

Positive Happenings: Schl Bd Mmbrs rptd on sch prog and events attended the past month.


916 No rpt due to Mmbr Theisens absence.

Equity Alliance MN Mmbr Morehead rptd a newsletter has been sent out, new team mmbrs were introduced, Joint Powers Agreement has been settled and the bd will meet in FL on Oct 18.

City of FL Mmbr Morehead rptd the city is working on the budget and comprehensive plan.

Reshaping Opps for Success 2015-2020 Bus Dir Martini gave project updates.

Superintendents Report – Dr. Massey thanked Principal Newby, Dr. Komatsu and Director Giorgi for their rpts. Staff appreciated the Schl Bd presentation and speaker M. Scharenbroich at the staff in-service. We are working with FLPD and the city to monitor traffic between Century and FLHS. Traffic plans are being adjusted to include a liaison officer helping direct traffic on Goodview in the morning and students and parents are asked to use the access road on 210th Street. Massey gave an enrollment and bond and levy update, upcoming open houses at FLE, Columbus and FLHS.

Mmbr Peterson pulled agenda 7.5. Mmbr Morehead made a motion to appv agenda items 7.1-7.4. Mmbr Peterson 2nd the motion and all mmbrs voted aye. The motion carried.

Appvd the minutes of August 3 and 17, 2017

Appvd the bills as of Sept 7 totaling $9,689,709.61 broken into the following funds: Gen $551,569.67; Food Svc $11,554.95; Transp. $535,507.50; Comm. Services $44,297.79; Spt Ctr $32,748.68; Grants $4,348.10; Capital $256,913.76; Internal Dental Ins $32,804.08; Internal Medical Ins $419,054.02; Internal HRA CHP $91,839.38; Internal HRA Rollover Lmtd Sc $343.27; Internal HRA Rollover $150,234.61; Bldg Construction $7,531,222.62; Non Public Schls $4.80; Bldg Rollover $9,105.34; Federal Prog. $4,415.08; State Special Ed $13,745.96.

Appvd Classified Personnel: Transfer 11; LOA 6; New Position 3; Recommend Employ 25; Resign -9

Appvd Licensed Personnel: Unpaid LOA 1; Non-Curricular Assign -12; Employ 14; Retire/Resign 2; Auth of Addl Positions 3; Non-Renewal Coach Assign – 1

Mmbr Peterson asked for info on agenda 7.5-Kiesling Detachment Request. Dr. Massey provided background info. Mmbr Morehead made a motion, 2nd by Mmbr Corcoran, to appv agenda 7.5. Discussion followed. Mmbr Rapheal voted aye. Mmbrs Corcoran, Morehead, Olson and Peterson voted no. The motion failed.

Donations: Mmbr Corcoran moved, 2nd by Mmbr Olson to adopt the resolution accepting the following:$250 from Wyom Elem PTA and $250 from First State Bank of Wyoming, to Wyom Elem for parent handbook/calendar; $643 from Knights of Columbus, FL, to Comm Ed LINK program, printer from FVE PTA to FV Elem Publishing Room valued at $549.95; $161.55 from D. Peterson, NB, $35 from K. Harrell, Roseville, and $70 from C. Timmons, Lindstrom, to Wyom Elem for gen ed., flute from P. Anderson, FL, to FVE band valued at $45; recliner from M. Stein, Scandia, to FLHS for student need valued at $100; backpacks/school supplies from Fairview Employees, Wyom, to Wyom Elem valued at $400.00; $100 from J. Zimmerman, FL, $50 from S. Zimmerman, FL, $100 from D&G Theisen, FL, $200 and $500 from Faith Lutheran Church, FL, $500 from FL Lions Club and $418.40 from Hosanna Lutheran Church, FL, to FLAS to purchase schl supplies. All mmbrs present voted aye and the motion carried.

Old Business:

Mmbr Morehead made a motion to adopt the Proposed 2017-2018 Schl Bd Mtg Dates. The motion was 2nd by Mmbr Corcoran, all mmbrs present voted aye. The motion carried.

Mmbr Peterson moved, 2nd by Mmbr Olson, to Appv Tax Levy Calendar. By roll call vote all mmbrs vote aye. The motion carried.

New Business:

First Reading: Appv Agreement with Balance Point Strategy, SBC to Conduct an Annual Revw of the Districts Health Plan. This will be placed on the next reg bd agenda for bd action.

Communications: The Schl Bd revwd communications and upcoming calendar dates.

As there was no further business, Mmbr Corcoran moved, 2nd by Mmbr Peterson to adjourn. All mmbrs voted aye & the mtg adjourned at 8:22 pm.

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September 21, 2017


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