The Forest Lake Times The Forest Lake Times covers community news, sports, current events and provides advertising and information for Forest Lake, Minnesota. Fri, 24 Oct 2014 21:37:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Man with FL ties on new accused priest list Fri, 24 Oct 2014 21:37:57 +0000 A former priest who worked in the Forest Lake area and reportedly still lives in town is on a new list of Roman Catholic priests that the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis says have had allegations of sexual abuse of a minor filed against them.

John Owens, 85, provided what the archdiocese called “temporary weekend assistance” in and around Forest Lake from 1999 to 2004. He spent most of his priestly career (1960-1999) in the Diocese of Bismarck in North Dakota, where the allegations of abuse originate from. According to the list of 17 names released by the Twin Cities-based archdiocese on Oct. 23, there have been no substantiated claims of child abuse against Owens stemming from his time in Forest Lake. The archdiocese also reported that Owens still lives in Forest Lake, but the Forest Lake Times could not obtain contact information for him before this story was published.

As part of legal action and increased investigations into its past treatment of the victims and alleged perpetrators of sexual abuse in the archdiocese, local church officials have released a number of names over the last several months of priests who have served in the archdiocese who have been accused of sexual misconduct. The Oct. 23 list was released as part of a legal settlement with Jeff Anderson and Associates, a St. Paul-based firm that has brought legal action regarding sexual abuse against the archdiocese a number of times over the years.

While in Bismarck, Owens served as the communications director for the diocese and ran a radio advice show for area adolescents called “Padre’s Platters.” The diocese alerted the North Dakota Department of Human Services in 2002 that a report of sexual misconduct against a minor had been reported regarding Owens. According to the diocese, Owens was instructed to “lead a life of prayer and penance,” and the diocese ordered that he be monitored so as to not pose a risk to minors. In 2005, three years after the Diocese of Bismarck alerted the NDHS, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis removed Owens from ministry.

Owens is not the first person who served in Forest Lake to be named on lists of the accused by the archdiocese. Perhaps the most famous locally is Lee Krautkremer, who along with the archdiocese was sued by Columbus resident Theodore Krammer Jr. in 2002 for abuse Krammer said he suffered at the hands of Krautkremer in 1977, when Krammer was 10 and Krautkremer was serving as associate priest at St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Forest Lake. The Minnesota Court of Appeals later ruled that the statute of limitations had run out on the crime.

Krammer originally sued because the archdiocese had left Krautkremer’s name off of a list of priests who had committed sexual abuse. In the subsequent legal battle, archdiocese memos came to light that confirmed church officials meeting with the Krammers in 1983 about the incident. At that time, Krautkremer was serving in Lino Lakes. One memo, written by then-Archbishop John Roach, recommended that Krautkremer be moved from Lino Lakes because it was too close to Forest Lake.

The three other priests on archdiocese lists who have served in Forest Lake are Robert Zasacki, Jerome Kern and Louis Joseph Heitzer. Zasacki, who served at St. Peter’s from 1984 to 1986, had allegations against him from his time in New Jersey in the 1970s. Kern, according to Anderson and Associates, has more than 20 different allegations against him, though none appear to be from the time he served in St. Peter’s. Forest Lake was his last assignment before he was removed from ministry.

Heitzer, who was once characterized by a high-ranking archdiocese official as “perhaps the most abusive priest ever” in the archdiocese, served at St. Peter’s in 1967 and 1968. Decades later, a St. Cloud man reported that he had been molested by Heitzer in 1968.

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Trendy & Thrifty Halloween Costumes Start at Goodwill Fri, 24 Oct 2014 15:30:25 +0000 Download coupon for 50% off one item
– then head to your favorite Goodwill store and brew up an awesome costume for less.


By Sarah Carlson
Editor, Real Housewives of Minnesota

Every year, I tell myself that I’m going to top last year’s Halloween costumes. I aim to be craftier, trendier – and most importantly, thriftier. For all the above, the easy solution is Goodwill. I find some awesome costumes there year after year, without breaking the bank. But what kinds of things will I be on the lookout for this year? I did a little research and then headed to my local Goodwill to work my magic. Here’s what you need to know.


More Halloween Parties This Year

Halloween is on Friday this year. So, you can definitely expect to be invited to more Halloween parties, which also means you’ll be costume hunting for adults! It’s best to think ahead about costume ideas, because you don’t want to wait until the last minute and end up dressing as a zombie bride, again…

Costume and Party Trends

What’s is on trend this year? Glad you asked! Experts say this is the year for masquerades, which you can easily prepare for with masks, beautiful gowns, and stunning updos. Also expect to see lots of characters from Frozen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Game of Thrones and other popular movies and TV shows. Don’t forget superheroes: Captain America, Iron Man, Superman, Spiderman, Batman – the list goes on and on. Clever, timely costumes like Grumpy Cat and Ice Bucket Challenge are always fresh, too.

When in doubt, a trendy celebrity is always fun and easy to mimic. Just flip through your latest copy of People magazine for some clever ideas, and then go on a thrift hunt for pieces that tie it all together!

Walking through Goodwill, I found several great ideas. We’re talking masks, wigs, face paint, and accessories along with versatile basics like suits, dresses, flannel shirts and solid color separates that work in countless costumes.

I decided on Theresa Caputo from the popular TV show, Long Island Medium. It was easy – I just had to thrift for high heels, tight dress and some long fake fingernails. From there the rest was easy; high hair and a fake tan! Spirits are telling me it’s going to be a hit this Halloween!

Tutorials, Lists & Sweepstakes – Oh My!

If you’re ever short on ideas, or if you need a little extra help, the Goodwill website is a great resource. It has dozens of costume images with shopping lists; makeup tutorials for witch, zombie and vampire faces; and even some fun nail art ideas for fans of the Goodwill  Halloween TV commercial. You can even enter to win a $500 VISA cash card in the annual Goodwill Halloween sweepstakes.

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November 6 Thu, 23 Oct 2014 11:27:44 +0000 NOTICE OF SALE
Forest Lake
Mini Storage
The following tenants merchandise of household goods, tools, furniture, sporting goods and other miscellaneous items will be sold at auction from Forest Lake Mini Storage, 407 SW 15th St., Forest Lake, MN. 55025, 651-464-2361 on Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 11:00 am.
Anthony Hendry
Sarah Winberg
Units may be viewed beginning at 10:45 am on the day of auction.
Sale of these items is subject to tenants right to pay the balance of accounts due prior to sale.
Published in the
Forest Lake Times
October 23, 30, 2014

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Air Quality Ad for Thu, 23 Oct 2014 11:27:18 +0000 INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DIST 831
The Forest Lake Area School Board ISD 831 will receive sealed bids on a General Contract, including mechanical and electrical, for Indoor Air Quality Improvements Phase II (East Classroom Wing) for Forest Lake Area High School 6101 Scandia Trail North, Forest Lake, Minnesota 55025
OWNERS REPRESENTATIVE: ICS Consulting, Inc., 5354 Edgewood Dr., Mounds View, MN 55112, (763) 354-2670, FAX: (763) 780-2866. Contacts: Brett Baldry,
ARCHITECT: DLR Group, 520 Nicollet Mall, Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN 55402, (612) 977-3500, FAX: (612) 977-3600, Contacts: Lee Meyer,
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Demolition, general construction, mechanical, and electrical for the indoor air quality project, project will be bid as a prime for all work.
BID DATE AND LOCATION: Sealed bids will be received at Forest Lake District office, 6100 North 210th Street, Forest Lake, MN 55025, then publicly opened and read aloud. Bids will be received and stamped-in prior to 2 PM local time on November 20th, 2014.
EXAMINATION OF DOCUMENTS: Bidders may obtain drawings and specifications for the project from Franz Reprographics, the architects office or the office of the Owners Rep.
Follow link to Franz Plan Room for ability to download, order and view plans and specifications. This link will also provide locations of Builders Exchanges holding plans for contractors to access. Bidders are responsible for any and all costs associated with bidding documents.
BIDDING REQUIREMENTS: Each bidder must comply with the following requirements to reassure acknowledgment recognition of their bids:
Bids must be accompanied by bid security in form of certified check, cashiers check, or bid bond in amount of 5% of base bid submitted, made payable to owner, as guarantee that bidder will, if awarded, enter into contract in accordance with contract documents and submitted bid.
Submit bid in duplicate on the prescribed form, which is furnished with the specification, with full name and address of the bidder.
Completely fill in all blank spaces on the Bid Form, in ink or typewriter, in both words and figures.
Sign in longhand, executed by a principal duly authorized to enter into an agreement. If a bidder is a co-partnership, then signatures on the bid shall be by an authorized member of the firm, with names and addresses of each member of partnership.
Base bid and all alternate bids shall be stated both in writing and in figures. In all cases, written and numerical figures must agree; otherwise at Owners option, it shall be cause for rejection of bid. Complete form without alteration.
Submit alternate prices (bid) for either increasing or decreasing the cost as called for on bid form and Description of Alternates. Submit a bid for all alternates.
Owner may make such investigations as he deems necessary to determine the ability and responsibility of the bidder to perform the work, and any bidder shall furnish to Owner all such information and data for this purpose, as the Owner may request. Owner reserves the right to reject any bid if the evidence submitted by, or investigation of, such bidder fails to satisfy the Owner that such bidder is properly qualified to carry out the obligations of the contract and to complete the Work contemplated therein. The competence and responsibility of bidder will be considered in making an award, including, but not limited to: (1) proof of financial responsibility, (2) quality of similar work, (3) amount of experience with similar projects, (4) facilities, personnel and equipment, (5) reputation for performance, and (6) ability to complete the work within specified time. Owner reserves the right to reject any Bid where there is reasonable doubt as to the qualifications of the bidder.
Owner reserves the right to (1) accept bidders Base Bid only, (2) accept any one or more of bidders Alternate Bids, in any order regardless of the order in which they were listed, (3) reject all Bids, (4) award contract based on his investigation of bidders, as well as acceptance of alternates, all of which Owner deems to be in his best interest, (5) waive informalities or minor irregularities in bids and waive minor irregularities or discrepancies in bidding procedure.
Upon award of Contract, Contractor shall provide AIA A312 Performance and Payment Bonds in the amount of 100% of Contract Sum in accordance with General Conditions and Amendments to General Conditions.
BIDDING DOCUMENTS & SITE REVIEW: Each bidder (including subcontract bidder where appropriate) is required to visit the site and to fully inform himself and record his own investigations as to the extent of the Work, the extent of the work performed by other contractors under other construction packages, conditions under which the Work is to be performed, existing buildings and streets, conditions of the area, existing utilities and other features, type of soil, available facilities and difficulties that may be encountered in connection therewith, and other relevant items which will affect his bid or the Work.
Prior to submitting a bid, each bidder is required to examine all of the bidding requirements, all Contract Documents, all drawings and specifications for the Project (including those primarily for other Subcontracts), become thoroughly familiar with the scope of the Project and all factors and items of work which will affect his bid or the Work, whether shown or specified in documents primarily for Work of others or Work of this Contract.
No extras will be allowed the Contractor as a result of misunderstanding of the extent of scope of the Work as a result of his failure to study and record his own findings. Submission of a bid shall be proof that such examinations have been made and that bidder has recorded his own investigation and has become thoroughly familiar with all contract documents (including all addenda). The failure or omissions of any bidder to examine any form, instrument or document shall in no way relieve any bidder from any obligation in respect to his bid.
PRE-BID CONFERENCE: A pre-bid conference will be held at 3:00 PM on November 11, 2014 at Forest Lake High School, 6101 Scandia Trail North, Forest Lake. Please report to the Main office for meeting. Bidders are required for attending and familiarizing themselves with all site conditions. No extras will be allowed because of the bidders misinterpretation to the amount of work involved, bidders own error, negligence, or failure to examine the site.
START DATE: Work may begin after receipt of the signed contract from the Owner. Pre-construction and submittals work related to the project is to commence immediately after receipt of the signed contract. The work on the premise is anticipated to begin June 8th, 2015.
SUBSTANTIAL AND COMPLETION DATE: Owner requires work to be substantially complete on or before milestone dates as listed in Summary of Work, Section 01 01 00. Bids shall reflect all costs necessary to meet this schedule requirement. Substantial completion is set for August 7th , 2015 and final completion is on August 21st, 2015.
The Owner reserves the right to waive irregularities and to reject bids. By order of the Forest Lake Area School Board.
Published in the
Forest Lake Times
October 23, 30, 2014

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City View Thu, 23 Oct 2014 11:25:52 +0000 CITY OF COLUMBUS
Amend Conditional Use Permit
Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing will be held by the City of Columbus Planning Commission on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 7:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as parties may be heard, in the City Hall located at 16319 Kettle River Blvd., Columbus, Minnesota to consider a request to amend an existing conditional use permit to allow one (1) additional storage building to their site. The hearing shall continue until all evidence and testimony has been received.
Property Owner:
City View Electric, Inc.
Patrick J. & Judith A. Kinsella
Property Location: 14331 Lake Drive NE, Columbus, MN 55025
Elizabeth Mursko
Zoning Administrator
Published in the
Forest Lake Times
October 23, 2014

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Gadsden Thu, 23 Oct 2014 11:25:50 +0000 CITY OF COLUMBUS
Preliminary & Final Plat
Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing will be held by the City of Columbus Planning Commission on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 7:15 p.m., or as soon thereafter as parties may be heard, in the City Hall located at 16319 Kettle River Blvd., Columbus, Minnesota, to consider a request for a preliminary & Final plat Gadsden Acres combining (4) four lots of record. The hearing shall continue until all evidence and testimony has been received.
Applicant: Coyote Leasing, LLC
Property Owner: B & M of Forest Lake, LLC
Legal Description: Lots 14, 15, 16 and the Northeasterly 50 feet of Lot 17, all in Wills Addition, Anoka County, Minnesota. Excepting therefrom parcel 135, Anoka County Highway Right of Way Plat No. 17, according to the map or plat thereof on file and of record in the office of the Anoka County Recorder.
Elizabeth Mursko
Zoning Administrator
Published in the
Forest Lake Times
October 23, 2014

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Broadway Thu, 23 Oct 2014 11:25:47 +0000 CITY OF COLUMBUS
Preliminary Plat
Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing will be held by the City of Columbus Planning Commission on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 7:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as parties may be heard, in the City Hall located at 16319 Kettle River Blvd., Columbus, Minnesota, to consider a request for a preliminary plat Broadway Acres subdividing one lot into two (2) lots. The hearing shall continue until all evidence and testimony has been received.
Applicant: Ann Miller
Property Owner: Ann Miller
Legal Description: THE E1/2 OF NE1/4 OF SE1/4 OF SEC 3 TWP 32 RGE 22, EX RD, SUBJ TO EASE OF REC, Columbus, Anoka County, Minnesota.
PIN # 03-32-22-41-0003
Elizabeth Mursko
Zoning Administrator
Published in the
Forest Lake Times
October 23, 2014

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October 2 Regular Thu, 23 Oct 2014 11:22:57 +0000 INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 831
Forest LAkE, MN
October 2, 2014
Revised for Publication
The following unapproved minutes have been revised for publication and will be approved at the next School Board Meeting. The full text is posted on the district web site, available by standard or email, and for public inspection at the school district offices during normal business hours.
The regular mtg. of the School Board of ISD No. 831, Forest Lk., MN, was called to order by Rob Rapheal at 7 p.m. on 10-2-14, at the School District Offices. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll was called and the following members were present: Kathleen Bystrom, Julie Corcoran, Dan Kieger, Karen Morehead, Robert Rapheal, Gail Theisen, Erin Turner and Supt. Linda Madsen, ex officio.
The meeting agenda was reviewed and unchanged.
Listening Session: Mmbrs Corcoran & Kieger rptd parents from Wyo Elem were in attendance and talked about a cluster group they have started advocating for gifted & talented students in the district.
Student Achievement:
CME/ALC/STEP Principal Lafean rptd on the learning opportunities available in her bldgs from birth to age 21. They are in the 2nd year of PBIS and CME got a new playground.
Positive Happenings: Sch Bd mmbrs rptd on sch prog and events attended the past month including:
Growing TEFFLA at Waldoch Farms, YSB Black Tie to Blue Jean event, football & volleyball games, Columbus Days, HS conferences, Comm Ed Ad Council mtg, Curriculum, Instruction & Equity mtg, school & bus garage visits.
Buildings and Grounds: Mmbr Corcoran rptd discussion of the facility task force and FLHS Indoor Air Quality Project Phase II, recvd updates on summer projects.
Communications: Mmbr Morehead rptd they continue to revw publications that go out.
Finance: Mmbr Kieger rptd reviewing 2015 property taxes, discussed the audit and class sizes, recvd a budget update.
Policy: Mmbr Bystrom rptd the cmte finished reviewing the 3 policies on the agenda, they are working on the Community Notice of Predatory Offenders policy and had a presentation from the FLPD indicating the schools role in the community notification process.
City of Forest Lake: Mmbr Theisen rptd the city plans to move into the new city center in Nov, the YMCA has been tabled to 10/6.
EMID Mmbr Morehead passed out the first EMID newsletter, stated the financial model is in order and they are off to a good start to the school year.
916: Mmbr Theisen rptd the wkshop on the 30th was canceled and the reg mtg will be next week. They are putting forth 2 resolutions through MSBA, the first is to expand the use of lease levy and the second is to increase the waiting for ALC for intermediate district ALC.
Supt. report: Dr. Madsen rptd on test results released yesterday so a detailed rpt and explanation was not prepared for this evening. She congratulated Linwood and Wyoming Elem schools as being Celebration eligible. CME has a designation of a Focus school with addl guidance and support coming from MDE. Prop taxes show a sch dist tax decrease, the facility task force begins work on 10/6 and people are still welcome to join. Homecoming is next week, MEA is 10/16-17 and school will not be in session, 10/15 school will not be in session for elem students due to conferences. A Roundabout Open House will be held 10/21 from 5-7 pm at the HS media center with MnDOT reps on hand to answer questions. Nov 4 is the general election and 3 sch bd seats are up for election. The TEFFLA and YSB events were successful and $45K was raised for community youth. The 2014 Hall of Fame booklets were handed out to Sch Bd mmbrs and staffing at Linwood and Columbus continues to be revwd.
Consent agenda: Mmbr Bystrom pulled agenda 7.3 and moved to appv Consent agenda items 7.1, 7.2 and 7.4. The motion was 2nd by Member Kieger. All mmbrs present voted aye and the motion carried. Mmbr Bystrom acknowledged the retirement of Susan Griffin. Mmbr Bystrom moved to appv Consent agenda items 7.3. The motion was 2nd by Mmbr Kieger. All mmbrs present voted aye and the motion carried.
Approved the min. of Sept 4 & 11, 2014
Approved the bills as of Oct 2, totaling $2,349,597.30 broken into the following funds: General Fund $1,152,312.64; Food $107,813.24; Transp: $504,043.73; Comm. Services $83,503.59; Maroon Gold Spt Ctr $17,522.97; Capital $400,888.72; Bldg Fund $26,085,00; Trust $27,841.87; Pop Fund $3,810.67; Federal prog, $4,576.57; Special Ed $21,198.30
Approved Classified Personnel: Retire-1; Resign-5; End of Employ-1; Employ-10; Trans- 21; LOA- 2; Addl position- 4; Addl hours -1.
Approved Licensed Personnel: LOA-1; Non-Curricular Assign-9; Employ-2; Change in FTE-1.
Donations: Mmbr Turner moved, 2nd by Mmbr Bystrom, to adopt the resolution accepting donations:
About six sets of golf clubs from Andrea Hackman, Scandia, to Century for physical advancement valued at $50; $40 from Peoples Bank of Commerce, Cambridge, MN to Wyo Elem for schl supplies; $2,834.39 from Target Take Charge of Education, Mpls, to Wyo Elem for education; $8,519.95 from Scandia PTO to Scandia Elem for the purchase of 30 Samsung Chromebooks & mgmt consoles; $2,701.06 from Target Take Charge of Education, Mpls, to Scandia Elem for instructional/enrichment materials; $7,384.60 from SEEF to Scandia Elem for the purchase of a Juno system & 10 iPads; bell kit valued at $125 from Cathy Mackiewicz Scandia, to FL Elem beginning band program.
Old Business:
Mmbr Kieger moved to appv Permission to Bid FLHS Indoor Air Quality Phase II Upgrades. The motion was 2nd by Mmbr Corcoran, by roll call vote all mmbrs present voted aye & the motion carried.
Mmbr Morehead moved to ratify the 2014-2016 FL Assoc of Prof Office Personnel Agreement. The motion was 2nd by Mmbr Theisen, by roll call vote all mmbrs present voted aye & the motion carried.
New Business:
First readings of: Family & Medical Leave Policy 428, Mandated Rptg of Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults Policy 414, Mandated Rptg of Child Neglect or Physical or Sexual Abuse Policy 522. These policies will be placed on the next agenda for Bd action.
Communications: The Sch Bd revwd communications and upcoming calendar dates.
As there was no further business, Mmbr Morehead moved, 2nd by Mmbr Corcoran to adjourn. All mmbrs present voted aye and the mtg adjourned at 7:40 pm.
Published in the
Forest Lake Times
October 23, 2014

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City of Wyoming Notice of Election 2014 General Election Thu, 23 Oct 2014 11:22:47 +0000 CITY OF WYOMING
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the regular General Election of the City of Wyoming, County of Chisago, Minnesota will be held on Tuesday, November 4, 2014, between the hours of 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. to fill the following:
Mayor one vacancy (2) year term
City Council (at-large) two vacancies (4) year term
The polling place for all City of Wyoming residents is at Maranatha Church, 24799 Forest Blvd, Forest Lake, MN
Craig J. Mattson
City Administrator/Clerk
City of Wyoming
Published in the
Forest Lake Times
October 23, 30, 2014

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Public Accuracy Thu, 23 Oct 2014 11:22:41 +0000 CITY OF COLUMBUS
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Columbus will conduct a Public Test of the Accu-Vote Optic Scan Voting System and ES&S Automark Voting Assist Terminal in accordance with Minnesota Election Laws 8220.1550 on October 27th, 2014, at 5:00 p.m. and October 28th, 2014 at 9:00 a.m., in the Public Works Building located at 16345 Kettle River Blvd., Columbus, MN. The purpose of the public test is to ascertain that the equipment will correctly count the votes cast for all candidates in the General Election to be held on November 4, 2014. This public test is open to all candidates, the public, the news media and any other interested party.
Elizabeth Mursko,
City Administrator/Clerk
Published in the
Forest Lake Times
October 23, 2014

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